Profil von Chale9


Vorname Charles
Stadt Arusha
Heimatland TZ Tansania
Aktuelles Land TZ Tansania
Alter 25
Geschlecht Männlich
Muttersprache SW Swahili
Übungssprache DE Deutsch
EN Englisch
KO Koreanisch
NL Niederländisch
FR Französisch



My profession demands clear understanding of different languages. As a law college student, I believe Communication plays a very important role in today's many industries. As international languages, many opportunities are provided with it. I aspire working at a law firm, and to be successful on that, I have to master these great languages.

I want to master English, French, Korean and German to the extent that I won't be different from a native. To know these languages to the extent that even natives wouldn't notice I'm from Tanzania.

In return, I help you understand Swahili. As a native of Swahili language, I understand how hard it is to begin learning this language especially on their coarse of pronunciation.

My level of English currently is Good, but not yet in the professional level. With someone on MylanguageExchange, I can reach there as soon as possible.

With me, you will start with the basics, basics which includes greetings , counting numbers, introductions, expressing yourself and many others. After knowing the basics, we will move to understanding my language in the deeper levels. The levels will be be filled with short exams which will be written in PDF format. My estimations is that, within 2 weeks, the basics would be over and I'm confident you will be ready with no problem meeting Tanzanians.

I prefer active communication with my teacher. I prefer someone who knows what I don't know. I prefer someone who leads the way, shows the way and knows the way.

As a teacher, I expect my student to trust me, look at me and follow me. I expect someone to be bold enough to act like he/she is a native. My philosophy, practice makes perfect, is what will lead us. You will practice Swahili and understand it.

The truth is, learning Swahili will be hard, hard enough to give up. But you shouldn't give up. we will keep going forward till you master this indigenous language.

Learning language from each other will require discipline and consistency. To know these languages and you to know Swahili, we must work hard everyday.. We must plan everyday... We must be able to plan not to fail, we mustn't fail to plan.

For 4 weeks, we will teach each other. Through WhatsApp voice notes and emails, we're going to make our goal happen. And hey, congratulations on knowing the language..

By the way, I'm an old soul, so most of my friends are old 😂.feel free to connect with me.

Cheers to our goals.

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Vorname Charles
Stadt Arusha
Aktuelles Land TZ Tansania
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