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Muttersprache :  Englisch, Litauisch
Übungssprache :  Russisch, Englisch, Koreanisch
Hello! I am a girl from small Baltic country. I want to search penpals from East Asian countries and America. I am practicing English, Korean, Russian. I want to meet people who are native speakers of those languages. I am interested in music, watching movies. If you're interested in it please write me.
Muttersprache :  Aserbeidschanisch, Türkisch
Hi:) My Name Nata, I want to learn English and also Chinese, Russian and Korean. I'm a Muslim girl. I like drawing, reading, also I like animes, play games, learn about different countries, traditions, cultures, foreign cuisines and so on. I want to find penpals and language exchange. So, let's help each other. (Only girls, please)
Muttersprache :  Englisch, Indonesisch
Übungssprache :  Russisch, Englisch
hello, i'm Aldiro. I am a college student of Culinary Arts, i'm 22 years old and i'm looking for language exchange partner or penpals here. I want to improve my English and learn about Russian. My hobbies Drawing, Design Graphic, Cooking, Hiking. Hope we can be friends tho. Nice to see you here.
Muttersprache :  Englisch
Recent edit: I now have as many language exchange partners as I can accommodate. I hope you enjoy the exchange process. I've really enjoyed getting to know new people. I'll update again as time allows. Hi! I'm Lista. I'm a therapist and author here in sunny Queensland, Australia. I find people interesting and believe everyone has a story. I like to learn about other cultures. I studied Japanese in high school and have recently taken it up again. I've been using Duolingo but need more opportunities to learn in a more natural context. I have a love of asian dramas (mostly Japanese and Chinese) and even anime and donghua. I am a beginner with Mandarin but have been enjoying the learning journey so far. I enjoy movies, music, the outdoors, art, food, and trying new things. I'd love to have the opportunity to exchange with others by chat, penpals, or in person. Happy to connect regardless of location. :)
Muttersprache :  Englisch
Hi there! I'm a Canadian native English speaker and certified English teacher (TEFL level 5). I'd love to help you practice or learn more English. I like meeting new friends of all cultures, ages and walks of life! One thing I love to do is to use TV shows to practice, so I will be happy to share English series (and hope for similar ones from other languages for me to practice!) I'm looking for 1-2 penpals to practice my French. My Spanish, Farsi and Thai are not good enough to converse yet. J'apprenais le français pour presque toute ma vie, car je grandissait dans un petit ville français en nord de mon province. Alors, je parle le français courrament, mais, j'ai toujours mon maudite accent anglais, et je fais souvent des petites fautes. J'ai juste besoin de la pratique conversationnel, et j'adore la culture français. I'm a professional musician, and I play several musical instruments including guitar, cello, piano and drums. I mostly write rock music but I like all kinds of music. I love to travel and have been to lots of countries: Cuba, Bahamas, Peru, Ecuador, France, Scotland, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and across lots of the United States and Canada (particularly the French regions there, so I've been all over Louisiana, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia). Look forward to hearing from you!
Muttersprache :  Russisch
Übungssprache :  Spanisch, Englisch
Hello everyone, my name is Ksenia, I'm 32 years old. I'm looking for language exchange partners or penpals to improve my language skills. I'm beginner in Spanish. I also studied English at school and university. But I've got a lack of practice of my English. I would be happy to help you learn Russian in exchange.
Muttersprache :  Englisch
Übungssprache :  Japanisch
Hi I'm Joel. I'm currently at university, studying physics. I am mainly looking for Japanese penpals so I can practice, and I can also help you learn English too. Not much to do in lockdown, so I've just been cooking and listening to music mostly. I watch some tv shows, I'm currently watching Fringe, but I've watched Japanese shows too such as Terrace House which was quite interesting. I play piano and I'm learning guitar too, recently I've been liking a lot of The Beatles and Soundgarden, I'm also into classical music. Also if you just want help with English, or chat and learn about cultures, we can talk about that too. I use instagram and discord mostly.
Muttersprache :  Arabisch, Französisch
Übungssprache :  Englisch, Schwedisch, Spanisch
Hello everyone ! 😊 My name is Jad and am 39 years old. I come from Morocco and am living in a city called Casablanca. I like learning foreign languages, making friends from around the world, watching TV, tennis, football, art, nature, animals, reading and writing emails... I own a diploma in hoteliery specifically on accommodation. I am using this site simply to search for penpals. I am looking for a language exchange with someone. I can help you to learn either Arabic or French and in return, i need help to practise my English with you. My English is not bad. Furthermore, I would also like to learn Swedish and Spanish.
Muttersprache :  Englisch, Koreanisch
Übungssprache :  Spanisch, Russisch
안녕하세요. 저는 준이고 한국계 미국인입니다. 러시아어 일본어는 취미로 공부하고, 회사 업무상 스페인를 공부하고 있고 아직은 기초 단계입니다. 새로운걸 배우고, 친구도 사귀고 싶어요. 취미는 여행, 운동, 외국어공부, 새로운것 (문화, 음식, 언어등) 경험하기 등입니다. 언어교환도 좋고 원하시면 당신의 영어와 한국어를 도와드릴수 있어요. Hello My name is Jun, Korean American. I am interested in improving my Spanish (for work, basic level) and studying Russian. I can help you with English or Korean. I hope to have the opportunity to exchange with others by chat or penpals. What I like to do is traveling, working out, watching movies, making new friends, experiencing new things, especially different cultures, learning new language, tasting new and unique foods, etc.
Muttersprache :  Chinesisch (Mandarin)
Übungssprache :  Japanisch, Englisch
こんにちは、ヒロです。 今、東京で暮らしてます。日本の文化をもっと知りたくて、 言語交換で自分の日本語レベルをアップしたいです。 そのかわりに、中国語と中国のことを丁寧に教えます。 お互いに言語力が成長しながら友達になりましょう! 趣味はテニス、ダイビング、音楽、ドラマ、料理です。 お気軽に連絡してください。 Hi, I am Hiro. Thank you for seeing my page. I am living Tokyo. you can talk with me in Chinese or Japanese. But my English is basic level. I want improve my Japanese lever and English. I enjoy tennis, diving, movies, music, the outdoors, food, and trying new things. I'd love to have the opportunity to exchange with others by chat, penpals, or in person. Happy to connect regardless of location.
Muttersprache :  Ungarisch
Bonjour à tous, Je m'appelle Monika. Je suis hongroise. J'apprends la langue français pour hobby, je voudrais la pratiquer avec les français. I am in a relationship. I would like to correspond with only those who have genuine interest in language exchange. People (men :) often suprised when I ask about grammar, phrases as I am here for practising a language, unlike many.If you want penpalship, that is great as me too, only want to improve my french. J'aime mes chats. J'aime faire du vélo, yoga, faire les excursions dans la nature. J'apprends aussi jouer le piano lentement. Je suis aussi une personne asperger, ce veut dire, je suis introverte, je préfère l'ordre, la structure, la communication logique. Monika
Muttersprache :  Portugiesisch
Übungssprache :  Englisch, Russisch
Hello, my name is Guilherme and I am Brazilian. I got interested in the Russian language some years ago, but never actually undertook the effort of learning it - so far. I intend to know at least the basics until the end of the year. I don't plan visiting Russia anytime soon, but setting up a deadline may help me to stop procrastinating. I also speak English and am not activelly searching for penpals now, but feel free to contact me if you're an anglophone who's studying Portuguese; I'll be happy to help. If you're interested in talking, I like music (I have a preference for 60's to 80's songs, but am also into world music and some classical pieces), books (I like fantasy and sci-fi, but currently have been reading the classics and some ancient literature as well), gaming, worldbuilding, history and linguistics. I'll be happy to hear from you.
Muttersprache :  Englisch, Indonesisch
Übungssprache :  Thai, Englisch, Japanisch
i love to crochet, love to watch anime, reading light novel, and manga i'm really into manga and anime that's why i want to learn japanese oh i like to watch thai drama too ... so i really want to learn phasa thai i'm looking forward to someone with same interest, and anyone who want to practice english or japanese or thai with me or maybe you want to learn Bahasa Indonesia too ... feel free to message me you could use skype to reach me ... oh .. i want to find some penpals too ... we could exchange mails and such feel free to chat with me via mail
Muttersprache :  Georgisch
Hi ! My name is Giorgi . I am from "Sakartvelo". I am looking for someone for language exchange and penpals. Meeting new people and friendship is also considered :) My native language is Georgian. My Polish is A2 English C1 Russian C2 I would be glad to find native speakers in following languages : spanish, polish, czech , german or french. Instead i can teach Georgian , Russian and we can practice English also. I like reading books , pets, play table tennis, cycling, hiking, watching movies, TV shows , travelling. Also I am interested in psychology , sociology . Feel free to text me or contact via Instagram
Muttersprache :  Russisch, Ukrainisch
Hello, everyone, I'm looking for language exchange partners or penpals to master my language skills. I can help you with learning Russian, Ukrainian and English (I'm a teacher of English). I'm currently testing various language exchange communities to enable them at my lessons. Приветствую участников, ищу партнеров по языковому обмену. В свою очередь окажу помощь в изучении русского, украинского и английского (я преподаватель английского по роду своей деятельности). В настоящее время я тестирую сообщества и сервисы по языковому обмену для практического применения на уроках. I'll be glad to communicate on various topics. I'm interested in Spanish but I'm zero in it, I'd like to improve my German and French as well. Буду рада общению на различные темы. У меня нулевой уровень испанского, также хочу восстановить немецкий и французский. P S I'm interested in music (I'm a musician too), sport, travelling, reading , creativity and design.
Übungssprache :  Englisch
Hi,I am Vicky . I am looking for penpals to share the daily life.
Muttersprache :  Englisch, Spanisch
Übungssprache :  Japanisch
Hello ! よろしくおねがいします! I am here available for language exchange - friendship. I can teach Spanish and English In return of Japanese lessons to learn faster. Also, If you are Japanese interested in be penpals, pen friends by snail mail, sending to each other letters and postcards, I am here too looking for Japanese women and men from 30 to 55 years old to be penpals. We can talk and write about our interests, life, hobbies, likes and share our likes and hobbies. I am open-minded woman who enjoys a lot writing and reading letters, having penpals and socializing. I like music, listening and playing it, photography, laughing, motorbikes, painting, drawing, reading good books. I like to sew and knit. I enjoy cooking, shopping and long nice walks, great interesting conversations. It is lovely to have pets as dogs, cats and birds and so on so I have pets. I lived in Japan Tokyo and Osaka and two weeks in Nagoya, my heart is still in Japan, I love people, food, culture, miss a lot. Please, Write to me ! Let's start penfriendship. I am here waiting for your message ! またねー!
Muttersprache :  Französisch
Übungssprache :  Deutsch, Spanisch
Hi! My name is Charline and I come from Brittany, France. I'm currently studying to become a French as a second language teacher. I'm learning both German and Spanish, but at the moment German is my priority. I'd love to find someone to talk to in German, and maybe have a tandem session per week where we could practice German for half an hour and then French for another 30 minutes. I'd also love to find new penpals! I can help with English as well.
Muttersprache :  Englisch
Übungssprache :  Arabisch
I am a native English speaker and I am learning Arabic. My Arabic is at level B1-B2 in terms of grammar, morphology and understanding. I am looking to connect with Arabic speakers who can: write and/or speak in fus7a. I want to continue mastering fus7a to be able to read Arabic books and have a common language to speak to Arabs. أفهم اللغة العربية My English is at a native level and I have a very good grasp of grammar and spelling. I can help you speak English regardless of whether you can speak Arabic or not. I will check into this app frequently to reply to anybody who needs help or who can help me. **If you want to break the ice and start a conversation with me, just send me a message of what you think is a good set of English sentences. I will correct them for you if there are mistakes.** Penpals are welcome to message me, even if we aren't learning the same language-pairs, we can be friends. PS. I do not add random people that I just met to personal apps like WhatsApp or Telegram. This app is great for fixing mistakes and chat apps are harder to use for that purpose. If you ask me, I will ignore you.
Muttersprache :  Englisch
Übungssprache :  Chinesisch (Mandarin)
Hi. My name is lee. I am From leicester, uk.My hobbies are Judo, Tabletop Wargaming and also love to watch east asian tv shows. I am a member of a local chinese and east asian culture group in leicester and am currently seeking chinese or other east asian penpals to share cross cutural intrests with. hope to learn mandarin as well as helping others with english. I use wechat which helps with me learning chinese characters so feel free to use that with characters when contacting me.