Profil von Victorko


Vorname Victor
Stadt Hsinchu
Heimatland HK Hongkong
Aktuelles Land TW Taiwan
Alter 23
Geschlecht Männlich
Muttersprache ZC Chinesisch (Kantonesisch)
ZH Chinesisch (Mandarin)
ZO Chinesisch (Andere)
ZT Chinesisch (Taiwanesisch)
Übungssprache EN Englisch
KO Koreanisch



Hi! I’m from Hong Kong , currently studying university in Taiwan Hsinzhu in the department of Social Science and Humanities .This is my fourth year in Taiwan which drives me crazy. I can speak mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghai dialect fluently,And looking for exchange of Korean or English. Usually I go to gym room and play football, sometimes I also play basketball . I’m looking forward to meet people from different countries and have some really nice talk.

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Neue Nachricht
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