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I am a Taiwanese-American graphic designer living in Germany.

My interests are: film, visual arts, philosophy, history, music, food, performance/dance, literature, language-learning, travel, meditation, biking, and most of all, good company!

I'm here to practice my German (I am planning to take the C1 certification test this year). Ich brauche mehr Selbstvertrauen im täglichen Sprechen. Ich hoffe auf weitere Gespräche auf Deutsch zu haben, vielleicht mit dir?

I also hope to practice my Mandarin. Having lived in the west for most of my life, I need help with reading literacy and would like to be exposed to more daily dialogue with Chinese natives. While my first language was Mandarin, English is my dominant tongue. I hope to train my Mandarin so it becomes more fluent and that I can read newspapers and road signs without too much difficulty. :)

In the past, I learned Portuguese (lived in Brazil for about two months) and Spanish (I lived in New York for six years in a predominantly spanish-speaking neighborhood). I am relatively comfortable in both of those languages but still need regular practice. será um prazer falar com você! será un placer hablar contigo :)

In 2017, I took a four-month long standard Arabic course after being fascinated with Arabic typography and calligraphy, and have been off-and-on studying Arabic with tandem partners (mostly Egyptian), flashcards, and podcasts. I am very much a beginner in this language but would love to have more opportunities to engage with Arabic. I still find it difficult to choose exactly which dialect I prefer the most.

I hope we can exchange and be friends!


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Neue Nachricht
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