Profil von Anasophie


Vorname ana
Stadt Ann Arbor
Heimatland CN China
Aktuelles Land US Vereinigte Staaten
Alter 28
Geschlecht Weiblich
Muttersprache EN Englisch
ZH Chinesisch (Mandarin)
Übungssprache FR Französisch
KO Koreanisch
ES Spanisch
JA Japanisch



Hi. I'm ana. I am a chinese, but for studying and/or working, I have lived in several cities in Europe, Japan and America for a few months. Right now I am living/working in the US, and this is my fifth year staying here. Except for English and Mandarin, I also speak a little bit French and Spanish. I'm looking for someone who would like to teach me Japanese, I kinda know how to pronounce so would like to pick up from there... and I can also practice with either your english or chinese as you like. Let me know if this would work :) thank you

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Neue Nachricht
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