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Muttersprache :  Englisch
Übungssprache :  Französisch, Chinesisch (Mandarin), Spanisch
Hi, You can call me Yaya. I'm from Africa I'm interest in learning languages & cultural I'm also friendly and cool But I hate weirdos and freaks Hobby: I love cooking
Muttersprache :  Englisch
Übungssprache :  Chinesisch (Andere)
Hi, my name is Rossi P. Sieh, I am 40 years old, a banker by profession and an African from west African specifically. I can speak and write English (fluent), and English is the general language of my country (native). I I am interested in learning Chinese and Spanish. I am currently at a zero level in both of these languages. If you want to learn the English language, I can help you to study it. About me, I am looking for a partner to learn and practice Chinese, Spanish and French languages. Let's learn together and break language and cultural barriers.
Muttersprache :  Englisch
Übungssprache :  Englisch
I am Sylvester, I work full time as an accountant, I speak English and I love music.