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Muttersprache :  Englisch
Übungssprache :  Koreanisch, Spanisch
I'm just very interested in learning and teaching languages
Muttersprache :  Griechisch, Englisch, Spanisch
Übungssprache :  Koreanisch, Französisch, Arabisch, Russisch
Heyy you guysss, My name is Alexis. I have a beautiful daughter named Royce Amani, she is my world! I have my cosmetology license, but I am in the process of becoming a registered nurse. I enjoy singing, helping others, spending time with Royce, and music. I love reaching out to learn other languages, and cultures. Growing up with a tri-racial mother, and a black/american father... I fluently speak Greek, Spanish, and English. If you would like to learn any of the three languages I offer to you, please don't hesitate to message me. I am very outgoing, sweet, and love making new friends! Can't wait to meet you!
Muttersprache :  Englisch
Übungssprache :  Chinesisch (Mandarin), Koreanisch
Hello my name is Sydatrice but you can call me Day.I'm very interested in different culture and would love to learn the language. It would be great to do a language exchange! I will do my best to help you with your learning experiences. Feel to message me I won't bite. 😊
Muttersprache :  Englisch
Übungssprache :  Koreanisch
Hello, my name is Jazmyn, I'm a native English speaker and am willing to help many with learning how to write or speak English. I am also interested in learning Korean. I will work hard and am a very diligent learner. If these meets what you're looking for please contact me.
Muttersprache :  Englisch
Übungssprache :  Chinesisch (Mandarin)
Hi my name is Arriana I'm 15 years old and I'm currently learning Chinese. My native language is English so I can speak it fluently, I studied some (good at reading and writing bad at listening and speaking) Korean however, I'm taking a long break from Korean since my main interest is Chinese. I really want to visit China and Taiwan in the future, so in order to make sure my listening and speaking skills aren't terrible I want to do a language exchange. I can help you with your English too and hopefully we can become friends along the way.
Muttersprache :  Englisch, Chinesisch (Mandarin)
Übungssprache :  Italienisch
Born and raised in China but currently getting my PhD in the US. Trying to learn Italian and taking a new challenge.
Muttersprache :  Englisch, Spanisch
Übungssprache :  Englisch
Hola , i live in Greenville SC, i really like everything about Arts, i enjoy international food, exploring different cultures, travel, photography.... soccer is like my religion...andhopefully i can find somebody in the area to practice and have interesting chats. peace.
Muttersprache :  Englisch
Übungssprache :  Japanisch
My name is Justus Link. I'm 15 but still able to teach really good English to Japanese men or women or boys or girls. I like to watch anime and read manga and cooking is awesome. the only language I know is English.
Muttersprache :  Englisch, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
Übungssprache :  Italienisch, Norwegisch, Russisch, Spanisch, Französisch, Deutsch
I am a Professor of Mass Communication in a university in Greenville, South Carolina in the USA. I teach Film & Television/Video Production and Media Technologies. I also produce films and documentaries, and I travel quite frequently. I love to meet people and develop good relationships.