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Muttersprache :  Chinesisch (Kantonesisch), Chinesisch (Mandarin), Chinesisch (Andere), Chinesisch (Taiwanesisch)
Übungssprache :  Englisch, Koreanisch
Hi! I’m from Hong Kong , currently studying university in Taiwan Hsinzhu in the department of Social Science and Humanities .This is my fourth year in Taiwan which drives me crazy. I can speak mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghai dialect fluently,And looking for exchange of Korean or English. Usually I go to gym room and play football, sometimes I also play basketball . I’m looking forward to meet people from different countries and have some really nice talk.
Muttersprache :  Chinesisch (Mandarin), Chinesisch (Taiwanesisch)
Übungssprache :  Englisch, Deutsch
Hi my name is 冠廷, let's talk haha
Muttersprache :  Chinesisch (Taiwanesisch)
Übungssprache :  Englisch, Spanisch
Hello,my name is 劉哲瑜.You can call me Jack.I plan to work exchange in Europe especially for Spain after graduating from graduated school two years later.In order to expericencing exotic culture.I need to improve my conversation skill.I live in Hsichu,near Taipei.My hobby is reading novels,basketball and bedminton.Most of all,i can chat with you about any issue and accompany with you for doing anything you like.If you hope to be my language exchanger.Contact me with e-mail.
Muttersprache :  Englisch
Übungssprache :  Chinesisch (Taiwanesisch)
I am a 27 and software product manager based in San Francisco California, US. I am currently in Taiwan and need a partner to learn Chinese(Taiwanese). I can teach you English.
Muttersprache :  Chinesisch (Mandarin), Chinesisch (Taiwanesisch)
Übungssprache :  Englisch
I've been learning English for years, but I'm still working on my speaking and writing skills~ Therefore, I'm looking for a English native speaker to have language exchange with me~ If you're interested in Chinese, I believe we can be a great partner!
Muttersprache :  Koreanisch
Übungssprache :  Chinesisch (Mandarin), Englisch
Hi I'm here for business trip. I'd like to make many friends and know about Taiwan. Thank you :)
Muttersprache :  Chinesisch (Mandarin)
Übungssprache :  Englisch, Japanisch
Hi everyone . I would like to have a language exchange。 Look forward you r reply Thanks