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Muttersprache :  Englisch, Filipino (Tagalog)
Übungssprache :  Niederländisch
Hello! everyone I'm Chieng. I'm looking for a Dutch native speaker woman, who wants to help me in learning Dutch and in return I can offer you a good English and Tagalog conversation.
Übungssprache :  Türkisch, Englisch
My name I Emre and I am living in The Netherlands and I am trying to learn British accent English. don't matter from where if it from UK is. and second language that I want to improve is my own language Turkish. this is my private E-mail And I am not here for dating or something just serious Practices. You can E-Mail me In Turkish Dutch And English. what kind of education I do is IT if someone can help me to find a good IT company company in Turkey pls Kayseri :D if can Memleket 8D lolz. also searching friend but in Europe inc Turkey Russia and if you are Russian and want to help me with Anglish My friend you are welcome my friend. I don't wanna learn Arabic via meet I will visit Egypt and Saudi