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Muttersprache :  Englisch
Übungssprache :  Tschechisch, Russisch, Polnisch
Hi All, I'm living in London but travelling to Poland, Czech rep. and Russia I need to learn some basic phrases, Would you mind to help me?
Übungssprache :  Französisch, Italienisch
Hi there, I'm a native Chinese speaker based in London, and wish to learn Italian and practice French with a native speaker. I like theatres, museums, arts, parks, and hiking. Look forward to learning from you and teach you mandarin if you like! xx
Muttersprache :  Englisch, Französisch
Übungssprache :  Deutsch, Japanisch
Hey there! My name is Pietra. I'm 22 going on 15 or 90 depending on the day. I grew up in Paris but I've been living in London for years now. I studied German at school and university and started teaching myself Japanese a couple of years ago. I have stalled in my progress, and I believe that what I am missing is a like-minded person with whom to communicate on a regular basis. I'm happy to help you improve your English and/or French in exchange for some help with my Japanese and/or German. I am a closeted otaku, a part-time philosopher and a lazy artist - that is, when I am not working a 9 to 6! I love cooking, reading and watching anime, occasionally at the same time. London is also a great city to wander around, so I tend to purposely (or so I keep telling myself) get lost in new areas in search of new places to eat or idle around. I am very curious by nature and love to exchange opinions and share experiences, so don't hesitate to contact me. We might have more in common than you think!
Muttersprache :  Englisch, Spanisch
Übungssprache :  Russisch, Englisch
Originally from Chile and now living in London I love travels and culture I think practising is the best way to learn a new language so I am open to helping other in English or Spanish and ready to learn Russian.
Muttersprache :  Englisch, Spanisch, Italienisch
Hello..I'm Italian currently living in London..i love Asia so i want to learn new words at least basic conversation.happy to help with your Italian and some English..
Muttersprache :  Englisch
Übungssprache :  Französisch
My name is Shana. I am a music teacher from London. My partner is French and I would like someone to practice with me and help with my pronunciation. I am happy to help with all English Language exchange.
Muttersprache :  Japanisch
Hello, I'm Taeたえ lives in London. I don't have any opportunity to make new friends and speak any language even Japanese. Let's chat with me. My English level was between C1 and B2+ before the pandemic, but my speaking skill decreed And Indonesian and Germany are really beginner levels. I enjoy reading books include manga, drawing fashion illustrations, watching anime, drama and Karaoke(unfortunately can't do it now) I'm happy to mail, message and skype as well.
Muttersprache :  Englisch, Italienisch
Übungssprache :  Chinesisch (Mandarin)
Hi there! My name is Andrea, I have been living in the UK for the past 5 years. I studied Graphic Design at the AUB in Bournemouth and then decided to move to London where I now work!. When lockdown started and I was furloughed, I had plenty of time in my hands and I, therefore, started learning Chinese. My level is pretty low, however, I am enjoying the little progress I am making every day! If you wish to exchange a few words in Italian, English and Chinese, please do not hesitate to contact me :)
Muttersprache :  Englisch
I am 36, I live in Ealing, West London. I spend most of my free time learning languages. I would prefer to communicate by Messenger or this site or email (ask me for my email), at least in the beginning. I want to practice using these languages and meet new people. My other interests are old cars, electronic music, history of the 20th century and linguistics. Although travel is difficult for me I have been to Spain, Germany, Poland, Czechia, Holland and France. I'm currently learning Italian but only a beginner really. I studied Mathematics at University but in hindsight I should have done linguistics. I use a wheelchair, but it's nothing to be afraid of. I'm intelligent and people say I'm witty with a good sense of humour.
Muttersprache :  Ungarisch
Übungssprache :  Russisch
Hey! I'm a physics PhD student in London, I'm urgently looking for a Russian language partner to help me prep for an exam. XD I speak excellent English, I can help you with that. Привет! Я аспирант в физике сейчас живущий в Лондоне. Я скоро должен сдать эгзамен, для того помощь мне нужна.))) По-англиский отлынчно говорю, я сам могу с ним помогать.